The Pink Ravyn

The Pink Ravyn is an alias that I blog and illustrate under. Since 2015, I started what had originally been a fashion and lifestyle blog, and eventually it evolved to something broader. From sharing my writing journey, to expressing my thoughts on social issues, The Pink Ravyn has become something of a brainchild for all my creations. 

Image by Cristofer Maximilian


The Pink Ravyn has long been a name I've made as my alias. Combining my favorite bird with my two favorite colors: black and pink, I came up with a brand name for myself. Under this name, I write, blog, and create art for the world to see. 


The things that I write are things that I've learned throughout my life. The Pink Ravyn Writes focuses on my writing journey while The Ravyn Speaks is all about social and spiritual topics. I also have a blog for my vegan ventures and one all about the classroom. 

Image by Thought Catalog
Image by Mike Petrucci


I offer digital items for sale in my Wix store from stickers, planners, worksheets, writing tools, and much more. I'll be on Fiverr soon to offer more services for those interested in custom digital products such as PowerPoint Presentations, Excel Worksheets and more. 


My portfolio, XAKÁNI, is my fashion and art portfolio site that showcases my creative work. As an illustrator and designer, it's important for me to demonstrate my skills and what I love doing best—designing.

Image by Kelly Sikkema