Kingdoms of Yah

Welcome to Xhian

Experience the world where both aingeals and ehols thrive. A multiverse more advance than our own, Xhian boasts an articulate government run by the Divine Throne, which is made up of three Divine Ones who serves on a jointed Seat.

Separated in two due to the Zamŷni  Wars, Xhian now functions as Ariwa-Ịte in the north, where the Divine Throne resides, and Ịtoba in the south, governed by seven Ọbas who have their own Kingdoms.

When several uprisings begin to erupt in the realms, people begin to question the Divine Throne and whether Their intentions are good. But the quest to overthrow and all-powerful government becomes messy, especially when ancient secrets begin to unravel.



The Kingdoms of Yah

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