The Aroma of Rain

Why bother leaving the Throne to come here—to this planet?

It felt useless.

The demons already got what they wanted. Earth was theirs—humanity was theirs. They controlled all the souls here on Earth. They managed to untether the human souls from my power—from me.

If I wanted to, I could just wipe out all of them; I wouldn’t have to worry about humans or demons ever again. I couldn’t take out the demons without taking the humans out with them anyway. With all these mortals riddled with this dark energy in their blood, there was no other choice—start over.

Yah had already struck His deal; the demons had struck their deal. But the price I’d have to pay to save these humans was more than I was willing to bear. I could get all these souls in exchange for mine. I could do it if I wanted.

The question was—is it worth it?

Title and Book Cover will be announced later in the year. Look out for a teaser chapter and a trailer highlighting the newest spin-off to the KOY World!

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