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The Aroma of Rain

“As an Asaylin speaks, an Asaylin lives.”


Those words rang true no matter what. Even if He leaves His Throne and takes on flesh, lives among humans—and dies as human—as He speaks, He lives. The problem is I have never ‘died’. 

I don’t know what death feels like, though I control the runes of Death. I know Death lurks in every mortal’s shadow, waiting for Time and Fate to guide it and tell it when to prey on a soul. And now that I’m human, I know that Death is painful. It cuts through the strings of life, tearing a breath away from its body. It forever dooms those who once nearly held immortality in their grasps—until it was snatched from them.

I could retether their souls back to the Asayli; back to me. Death would no longer be painful; it would be like passing through this world to the next. But in order for the retethering to happen, I have to live as human and die as human.

But how am I to ever ‘die’ if I’m immortal, if I control the rune? Perhaps when that last fatal breath is taken from me, I would know what it feels like to finally die…

Title and Book Cover will be announced later in the year. Look out for a teaser chapter and a trailer highlighting the newest spin-off to the KOY World!

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