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Who Are the Adēhi?

The Ancient Adēhi are considered to be the oldest deities with unlimited power. There are seven Adēhi alive. Three form a unique blood-bond known as the Divine Throne. The Adēhi of Life serves as the head of the Throne. 

Two are considered to be 'dead', although their status is unknown since true Adēhi cannot die. 

The other two (the Adehi of Death and the Adehi of Fate) have taken an oath of loyalty to the Divine Throne, and though they're no longer considered Adehi in formal title, they are considered Honorable Adehi because of their oath. 

The Adēhi of Death

The Adēhi of Death can use Nyoki to unmake, destroy, or kill any creature (except for other Adēhi), even ‘immortals’. He's the descendant of a Blackwater Albino Adēhi, making him both of Elite and Nightingaler origin. 

He's described as having skin 'as white as snow' with platinum blond hair and luminescent blue eyes. Due to being an Ancient Deity, he has an ailment called zhuạ, which renders him blind to 'visible' light. 


The Adēhi of Fate

The Adēhi of Fate has an ancient power known as Elēda, which can create things from nothing. His Sẹda is unique to only Adēhi of Dahlia Blueskins Nightingaler Tribe. Before Awakening, he was a famous couturier. 

He's described as having 'midnight' skin and black hair with a streak of white in the center. He also has luminescent green-grey eyes. As he's a Nightingaler, he as a heightened sense of hearing and can also 'hear' with his skin. 

The Adēhi of Life

The most powerful Adēhi, the Adēhi of Life has an ancient power known as Iyùn, which gives life to every single creature. Iyùn can only be created by the Adēhi of Life  He's known as the Divine Creator. He has no beginning, thus no 'Awakening'. However, He's considered a Nightingaler due to the physical traits He took on after creating them.

He's described as having 'onyx' skin with white hair and golden eyes (a trait only He possesses). As He's the most powerful with an ageless status, He's said to be omniscient and omnipresent. His nature allows Him to not only see all timelines, but actually create it—an ability He describes as very 'troublesome', thus He created the Asase Creed in order to prevent Himself (and others) from usurping control of anyone, allowing all His creations to have free will.