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Kingdoms of Yah

Welcome to Xhian

Experience the world where both aingeals and ehols thrive. A multiverse more advance than our own, Xhian boasts an articulate government run by the Divine Throne. Now separated in two due to the Zamŷni  Wars, several uprisings start to erupt in Xhian as ancients secrets begin to unravel.

Kingdms of Yah
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I am the Black Woman

Empowerment Poetry

Poetry and prose come to life in the IATBW series collection. Here, I compile prose, poetry, and excerpts in a book to help empower and enlighten the black woman. 

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The Aroma of Rain

Undying Love…

When death is the only answer to the world's problem, one man's journey dictates the fate of humanity. His choice to leave an ancient kingdom behind to retether mortals back to deities become one filled with compassion, wonder, strength, humility, and undying love. 

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The Aroma of Rain
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