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  • What's the difference between a graphic designer and a brand designer?
    Graphic designers usually work in producing deliverables for clients based on static information they provide. They simply create assets. They don't often get into the details of your business or help you figure out what's the best way to put your business forward. Brand designers and brand strategists work as coaches that guide you through the foundations of your business. As a brand designer, my goal is to see your business, help you identify your audience, your voice, and work with you in putting together your brand mission, vision, and identity.
  • What packages do you currently offer?
    You can view my packages below:
  • How long does the design process take?
    It depends on the scope of the work. Typically a full brand package can take anywhere between four (4) to eight (8) weeks with effective communication and minimal revisions. My base package, RAVYN Studio, can take up to a month. Other premium packages will take more than 4 weeks.
  • How will you communicate with me?
    My preferred method of communication is via email. This way, I can send you project proposals, contracts, invoices, and any other document that needs to be transferred online.
  • What formats can I expect to receive my final files in?
    For logos, I usually package files as SVG (vector) and PNG. You'll receive your logos in black and white, full color, and stand-alone colors all with transparent backgrounds. Other file formats depend on the project deliverable. I typically do not send .ai files unless specifically requested (or necessary). If you request an .ai file, please note that this will incur an additional fee.
  • What can I expect if I book you?
    I have a detailed page on my process. You can check it out below.
  • How does payments work?
    I offer a variety of payment options including Zelle, ATH Móvil, and pay links (this incurs a 5% fee). I also offer PayPal. For my Branding Packages and Alternative Packages, I usually ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit upon booking. After the project is completed, I will send a final invoice of the remaining 50%.
  • How can I book you?
    You can book me through the inquiry form for my standard branding packages. You can also book me via a free thirty-minute consultation to decide which packages are right for you. If you'd like to chat with me longer, you can also book a full 2-hour consultation.
  • How do round revisions work?
    To get the most out of your revisions, I encourage clients to ensure that their feedback is as thorough as possible. Once you've gotten everything you need, you can share it with me and I'll complete the edits and send you a new concept proposal. This counts as one completed revision.
  • How will I know if I'm going to like the design?
    Designs are completely subjective—this is why I strive to get to know my clients as best as possible through consultation. Once we've agreed on key factors, I usually send over a project proposal and 2 moodboards for you to choose from. Moodboards provide a clear visual direction as well for us to reference. Based on your choice, I will create a concept design, and send this to you. It is through the design that you'll make your edits to get the best for your brand. Each package offered comes with two free rounds of editing to help you curate and communicate your idea as best as you possibly can. My process is in-depth and involves discussion, strategy, planning, and gathering your goals, values, audience, voice, and visual elements. This happens in the very beginning stages of your booking to help alleviate fears, surprises, and disappointments.
  • Do you offer website design?
    I currently offer limited website design packages. I design mainly using Wix, and focus mostly on landing pages, small business websites, and portfolio websites. If you want to have a website built, you can schedule a consultation with me to see what I offer. Please note that offers are limited.
  • What design fields do you currently work in?
    Currently I work in the field of graphic and fashion design. I started off studying fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. I'm currently working as a freelance brand designer. I got into brand design when I realized that my passion for art and story-telling (as well as my organization skills) could easily be put to use helping small businesses grow! I hope to, in the future, launch my first official fashion collection and begin creating one-of-a-kind pieces that resonates with young women.
  • What programs do you typically use in design?
    For brand and graphic design, I use mainly Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. I also use Canva for social media templates and mock-ups. I source all my stock photos on Pexel and UnSplash. I also source free vector-based images on Pixabay.
  • Do you do things other than design?
    Yes, I actually do! As an avid lover of stories, anime, and suspense, I got into writing at a young age. I'm currently working on my book series, Kingdoms of Yah, which is a high fantasy book series that follows the lives of several angels amid a political upheaval that disturbs the omniverse. The first book, The Stars That Fall, is currently available on Amazon. I also published a poetry book, I Am The Black Woman, which is also available on Amazon as an eBook and a paperback. You can check out my book site here: Other than that, I also maintain several blogs (I really love writing and designing).
  • Is brand design your full time job?
    I hope to make brand design, social media management, and digital marketing a career, yes. However, currently I work as a math teacher. I'm hoping that by 2024, I'm full-time in marketing and social media management. In the next three years, I hope to own my own fashion label and branding company.
  • Did you go to design school?
    You can say that in a way, I did. I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology where I graduated with a Bachelor's in Fashion Design. The courses offered (and the electives that I took) equipped me not only in the world of fashion, but also in business, marketing, and graphic design. Some of the course I took involved small business creation, marketing, graphic design, photoshop and illustrator classes, merchandising, and more. I also completed a minor's in mathematics with concentrations in statistics and data analysis, which is imperative to marketing and business growth. During my time at school, I also honed in on my skills in color theory, typography, logo design, and content writing, so I have tons of experience under my belt. I graduated in 2021, during the COVID epidemic, then immediately went into teaching, so I had to put my plans on a halt. However, I've spent much of the time rebranding and building myself and I've gotten my first wave of clients in 2023.
  • What do you sell in your shop?
    I sell mostly digital assets including templates, files, digital art, and digital planners.
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