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KOY4 Coming Soon

Are their lives worth saving?

When Ismael leaves the Divine Palace, he makes a vow in exchange for his freedom. Eons later, now stationed in Kidul, he lives in fear of another uprising from the Titans, and in a state of constant regret for leaving the Palace.

An intelligent species emerges on Earth, the planet he’s charged to protect, and that comes with a new set of problems—one that sees Ismael in the crossfires of remaining true to his vow or siding with aingeals who only see this evolving species as a threat to their own.

Now, in order to save Ịtoba, Ismael must find the missing members of an ancient sect known as the Brotherhood. No one knows where they are until a mysterious stranger shows up at his door claiming to know how he can find them...

Preorder dates for The Illaryian Vow is set for the 25th of June, 2022.

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