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KOY 5 Coming Soon

Can his power set them free?

Zephne needs to find him…
When Ismael goes missing, she and Ocia are tasked with finding Ismael, but their path takes a dark turn. Zephne realizes there are still nephilim on Earth, and Ocia has discovered a gem that could end life completely. 

Myaz knows how the Zodiacs will vote…
At the Council of the Magistrates, four hundred and ninety-nine members vote to turn Kotak over to the Zodiacs, but the one rogue vote has caused a disruption not even the Asayli can seem to quell…

Nyalah believes there is still hope…
She just has to convince the EzeDanzya to see it; He has given up after seeing the massacre. When Nyalah’s human friend is murdered by Xutian, she hopes that the rescued lamb would reignite the passion He once had. 

No one realizes He still exists…
He intended to keep it that way. But with the Rebellion triggering a domino effect, the EzeDanzya decides to play a game of vhyri once more. What He sees disgusts Him, but it won’t stop Him from righting all the wrongs…

Cover and Title Reveal for Book 5 coming soon.

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Image by Takemaru Hirai
Book 5 Reveal.png
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