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The Hearts They Steal (KOY Book #2), will be made available in 2024!

The Songs They Sing

“A life no matter how vile and corrupt, is still a life.”

Celestials are falling; the humans are to blame. If nothing is done, Earth may be wiped out. 

To escape the treacherous hold of the Asayli, Ismael takes the Illaryian Vow. A rune is burned into his right palm, securing his fate, and tying his soul to the EzeDanzya’s will. 

The humans have ended their alliance with the Asayli; Ismael must now fulfill his oath. This means embarking on a journey to find the Iyenạkh, old gods who pledge allegiance to the Asayli, but his quest forces Ismael to befriend undead creatures who seek his death. 

Soon, Ismael learns the terrifying reason why he must find the Iyenạkh. Ismael cannot stop fate; he doesn’t try. Still, Ismael knows that whether or not he fulfills his oath, death is always certain. 

Preorder dates for The Songs They Sing TBA.

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About The Songs They Sing

Are you in dire need for a good hero’s journey book, but you want to immerse yourself into the world of gods? Ismael takes you on a classic adventure filled with humor, tears, betrayal, and self-realization.

It’s a not-your-average adventure quest with a twist. It’s bound to leave you asking ‘what happens next’ in a jaw-dropping ending. 

If you want to read a hero’s journey trope that’s takes you on a true adventure, then this is the book you ought to be reading!

Genre: Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Suspense, Thriller, Biblical Lore

Stats: Multi-POV, Gods and Angels, In-depth World-building, Diverse Cast

Age Range: New Adult/Adult

Spice Level: Mild

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The author truly finds her voice in surprisingly down to earth characters moving among the gods and angels of her world.

N.R. Mayfield (5 Stars) - The Hearts They Steal

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