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The Hearts They Steal (KOY Book #2), will be made available in 2024!

KOY4 Coming Soon

“Life is only eternal when love is present.”

Once trust has been broken, the only way to mend it is to die. 

Nyalah has been abandoned: by her family, by her friends and by the EzeDanzya, who she is bonded to. She is the only surviving member of the first batch of humans, but she is not completely mortal. She’s considered a forbidden breed who should have been killed. Love saved her.

With the Nahrenzi ritual postponed, Nyalah tries to convince the EzeDanzya to reconsider destroying Earth, her only home, but her pleas fall on deaf ears. Then, the Shujaas begin to drop dead, with runes branded into their skins.  

Many are marked to die with no one to save them, and if something isn’t done, the Titans will take over. One wrong move can end Nyalah’s life—just as the EzeDanzya promised. 

Cover and Title Reveal for Book 4 coming soon.

Image by Donald Giannatti
Book 4 Reveal.png
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