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KOY 5 Coming Soon

“I overcame the darkness, learned to control it, and thus, I became light.”

When a young girl is murdered, her pet lamb is rescued from the slaughter, and it ignites the flame to redemption. 

For the first time in Dynasties, the Council of the Magistrates are called to cast a ballot, but one rogue vote sets in motion a disruption not even the Asayli can seem to suppress. All hope seems lost, but reconciliation is near. 

No one knows who will bring it, but years of unanswered prayers are heard. Now the souls in bondage can dare to dream. Yet … the journey to reconciliation is not an easy one. 

This journey is a path that no god, no matter his ranking, is willing to take. To bring peace, a payment must be offered—a sacrifice must be made for the missing pieces to finally fall into place. 

Cover and Title Reveal for Book 5 coming soon.

Image by Takemaru Hirai
Book 5 Reveal.png

The Hearts They Steal (KOY Book #2), will be made available in 2024!

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