Odunti Ikpe Timeline

0001 OI – The beginning of Odunti Ikpe, 500 Eholic Years after the Divine Judge Enters His Age of Divination.

1000 OI – The Second Imperial Dynasty of the Titanic Eholic Clan begins.

3000 OI – The Eccentric Eholic Clan emerges and Central Octeract is formed.

5000 OI – The universe (Kotak) is created by the Titans and is spearheaded by the Divine Creator.

5300 OI – The Titans attempt to sabotage and destroy Kotak. (The War of the Titans).

6000 OI – The Third Imperial Dynasty begins within the Eccentric Eholic Clan. The Eccentrics and Titans combine their government to overtake the Divine Throne.

6070 OI – More than 60% of the Eccentrics have died out due to an insanity pandemic.

6080 OI – Kireh (Eccentric Ehol) emerges.

6085 OI – Yugi returns the body of Zephne to the Divine Advisor. The Titans declare war against the Divine Throne.

6088 OI – The remainder of the Eccentrics and the majority of the Titans are eradicated. The Divine Advisor (Yemi) resigns from the Divine Throne.

6100 OI – Peacetime emerges with the beginning of the Fourth Imperial Dynasty under the new Divine Government.

6270 OI – Eros emerges.

6275 OI – The emergence of Leviathan marks the official beginning of the Principal Eholic Clan.

6280 OI – Lucifer emerges.

6328 OI – Adriel emerges.

6340 OI – The Solar System (along with Earth) is developed within Kotak.