Time Conversions

The occurrences of this book take place within the first one billion years of Earth’s existence in a multiverse/dimension outside of the universe (Kotak). The unit of time is different from the way time is measured on Earth. It is imperative to note that the years stated in this book are in ‘Eholic Years’ and utilizes one of the ‘Odun’ abbreviations to note this (as seen below).

Time measurements as compared to Earth’s time:

  • 42,000 Earth Years – 1 Eholic Day

  • 1.176 Million Earth Years – 1 Eholic Month

  • 7 Million Earth Years – 1 Eholic Year

  • 70 Million Earth Years – 10 Eholic Years (1 Age Cycle; 10 Age Cycles is considered a Divine Cycle)

  • 4.9 Billion Earth Years – 700 Eholic Years (the estimated time for an Ehol to arrive at his/her Age of Purity provided that he/she opts to continue Aging)

  • 49 Billion Earth Years – 7000 Eholic Years (1 Ezekazi)

  • 50 Billion Earth Years is known as the Divine Jubilee


An Odun (‘year’ in Yoruba) is the period-time of reign of the last Elohim (or Clan of Elohim) to emerge (an Ehol becomes an Elohim at the Age of Divination) Oduns are divided into Ezekazi.

After one full Ezekazi, if another Elohim (or Clan since many within a Clan can advance to their Age of Divination around the same time) emerges, the last Elohim Clan finishes out their Ezekazi and the next Odun begins. This Odun is named after the first Elohim that emerges out of the newer Clan of Elohim.

An Elohim or Elohim Clan can see many Ezekazi before newer Ehols become Elohim upon their Age of Divination. Thus, particular Clans can have an Odun last much longer than one Ezekazi (i.e., Odunti Okike and Odunti Ọnwụ).

A list of Oduns (and their abbreviations) in the order that they happened (along with the amount of Ezekazi that are seen within the Odun):

  • Odunti Okike – OO Year of Creation (Ezekazi unknown)

  • Odunti Ọnwụ – ON Year of Death (ten Ezekazi)

  • Odunti Amamihe – OA Year of Wisdom (two Ezekazi)

  • Odunti Ẹno – OE Year of Gifts (one Ezekazi)

  • Odunti Uwa – OU Year of Sacrifice (one Ezekazi)

  • Odunti Ikpe – OI Year of Judgement (current Ezekazi in the book)


(‘Eze’ meaning ‘sovereign’ in Igbo and ‘kizazi’ meaning ‘generation in Swahili)

Oduns are measured in Ezekazi, which are periods of seven-thousand Eholic Years. This measurement is based on the time it takes for an Elohim to fully control his Power after voluntarily going into his Age of Purity.