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The Ultimate Character Outliner - Google Sheets

The Ultimate Character Outliner - Google Sheets


Plan the ULTIMATE character with the Excel Ultimate Character Outliner. Keep track of all your scenes, chapters, and characters while crafting the ultimate story.  

After years of tirelessly looking for a *perfect* solution to organize my book, I finally gave up and decided to create my own! And now it’s available for Google Sheets!


I’ve combined the most popular methods of character design and character arcs into a single editable spreadsheet that you can use to design your perfect MC. You can use it as many times as you want. It’s yours to keep!


Pantser-Friendly Layout

All my Workbooks are designed with pantsers in mind. That means if you’re a pantser, you’ll be guided through the perfect planning of your character from start to finish. Each tab focuses on a specific aspect of your character design and includes questions and prompts to help you create the perfect character for your book!


Create Your Own Fantasy List!

If you need a place to store your fantasy creations (like ethnic groups, jobs, ranks, and more), then you’ve got the space to do it! Along with some of the most popular lists out there, you get to create your very own list that’s unique to your book. 


Upload a Picture!

You can bring your visuals to life with the new ability to upload a picture of your choice. The picture box allows you to upload a 1:1 ratio picture—that’s plenty of room for a portrait pic!


Get to Know Your MC with Over 50 Questions!

The built-in questionnaire and personality test is designed for you to completely analyze your character. It’s in-depth and precise, so you won’t miss anything!


A Generated List Just For You!

I’ve created a list of over 100 colors for eyes, hair, and skin tone, so that you don’t ever feel lost in your descriptions! You can create the perfect visual for your character with my extensive list!


Superheroes and Mages Come to Life!

With my traits bar, you can assess the strengths and weaknesses of your characters to create that perfect superhero or magic wielder. With this Ultimate Character Outliner, you will never run dry of creativity. Here is where your characters thrive.


If you enjoyed using my Character Outliner feel free to leave a review!!

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