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Get to Know Me!

Hi there,

It’s so nice to meet you. My name is Nickay, designer, illustrator, and author of the Kingdoms of Yah series.


Growing up in the BVI, I always had a knack for design and art. 

I’m an avid cat lover, a vegan foodie, who’s on fire for Jesus (in Kat Von D’s voice). I truly love writing, art, and design, which is why I decided to venture off into a career that combines all three: branding. 

As a fashion-lover, I also hope to launch my first-ever fashion line in the near future, where I can truly expand my love for art and creativity. 

The Author

I’m the author of the Kingdoms of Yah series, a high fantasy, grimdark, suspense series that follows angels in the rise of a dystopian era. I author my series under the pen name Nikki Mahlia. 

You can get to learn more about my books right here.

I also write poetry and currently have a poetry book on Amazon called I Am the Black Woman, which you can also check out.

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