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I am the Black Empress

The Black Woman

She should never look back, no matter what. She must see herself as a priceless gem that no amount of money could buy.

Despite what others may say of her, she must view herself as invaluable. Should she ever fall, she must get back up and continue the journey.

I hope she finds herself in a position where her self-esteem is so high that no one can bring her down. I will remind her that she is still strong; she is still beautiful.

She should never, at any point, try to feel better by basking herself in other people’s worries. She must always encourage herself and motivate herself. Then, she will be able to move forward in life. 

If you are reading this, remember you are everything your Creator intends for you to be. You are the Black Empress. 

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About The Book

If you’re looking for your next quick read, then I AM THE BLACK EMPRESS is for you. I AM THE BLACK EMPRESS is the second installment of the IATBW poetry series designed to empower and uplift young, Black girls. 

You’ll be taken on an emotional journey where you’ll learn about God’s love for you as a Black Woman. Read about who God is in the riveting Seven Sides of Yah sub-series within the pages of this book.  

If you want to read something short, empowering, and uplifting, then this artistic and stylish book is easy to slip into your purse and take wherever you go!

Genre: Christian Poetry

Stats: Tons of Poetry, Short Stories, Excerpts, and More!

Age Range: Young Adult

Spice Level: N/A

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Start reading I AM THE BLACK EMPRESS!! Look out for preorder dates!

Coming Soon!
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