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The Ruby Insignia

What would she risk to stop a war?

Nearly thirty years after the Rebellion, the Ịtobans live in fear of another deadly massacre. When rumors of a past enemy emerge, the crippling fear that once broke Xhian resurfaces. 

The EzeKasala visits Kerria, a Shujaa, to let her know that Luce is back in Ịtoba and asks her to lead the Shujaas the investigation. Kai uncovers books written by Titans during the time Luce was still in Ịtoba, and Bry soon receives a mysterious visit from a female requesting for his aid in finding Luce.

At first Bry believes all this to be coincidental, that Luce isn’t in Ịtoba. But when his godson, Ismael, the estranged son of the EzeNyera, gives him a letter, Bry wonders if Luce is really here—and if he’s here with a military.

Now, Ismael and Kerria are dragged into a war with roots in Xhian’s malicious past. Old secrets resurface when Titans thought to be dead, begin to appear. Yet, it’s not the Titans who Bry is worried about. Instead, it’s the lethality of the EzeKasala’s Iyùn and the destruction it would cause if He dares to unleash it…. 

Read the first three chapters of The Ruby Insignia for free!

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