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The Hearts They Steal

“I don’t believe in redemption. I don’t believe that the vile can be forgiven, or that the corrupt can learn to love.”

Old enemies have returned. This time, they seek revenge. 

Another war is brewing, and unlike the Rebellion, this war cannot be quenched with blood or power. The Shujaa Military Sect is hired to quell the panic and put rumors to rest, and Ocia, the Shujaa leader, tries her best to keep the peace while securing the trust of the celestials. 

But when rumors turn out to be true, Ocia must prepare for another uprising. The Titans have returned, and it may take the complete annihilation of the realms to get rid of them. 

The Asayli aren’t too hasty to kill. It may be because They’re too forgiving, but when They do make a move, it’s already too late.

ARCs of The Hearts They Steal coming soon!

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About The Hearts They Steal

If you’re looking for fantasy with lite romance, then this book is designed for you. A continuation of the ‘world beyond our own’, The Hearts They Steal is sure to *steal* your heart. 

You’ll be taken into an emotionally-driven book where characters question everything they once knew, cry over loss and love, and remind each other that life still continues. 

If you want to read a complex epic fantasy with in-depth world-building, clean romance, and a side of suspense, then this is definitely the book for you. 

Genre: Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Suspense, Thriller, Biblical Lore

Stats: Multi-POV, Gods and Angels, In-depth World-building, Diverse Cast

Age Range: New Adult/Adult

Spice Level: Mild

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The author truly finds her voice in surprisingly down to earth characters moving among the gods and angels of her world.

N.R. Mayfield (5 Stars) - The Hearts They Steal

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