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The Illaryian Vow

Are their lives worth saving?

 Many eons after the Rebellion, an unsatisfied Ismael chooses to leave the Divine Palace after being caught in bed with a Worshipper who as off-limits. He decides to recite the Illaryian Vow in exchange for his freedom, but this forces him to put down his paintbrushes and head to the fields of Kidul to train. 

Years after he’d taken the vow passes, and a new species has emerged on Earth—the humans. With a host of aingeals falling and turning their backs against the Triune Monarchy, and the humans being swayed into a political alliance with the Zodiacs, the Asayli’s enemy, Ismael is forced to pick a side. 

If he betrays his vow and help his warriors by closing the borders between Xhian and Kotak, he’ll face a certain death, but if he follows the Asayli he’ll lose the trust of his warriors. 

He can save Ịtoba if he agrees to find the missing Iyenạkh, but that means befriending the very enemies that the warriors fight against. The sword is in his hands, but who he will fight for comes down to how much he trusts the Asayli….

Preorder dates for The Illaryian Vow is set for the 25th of June, 2022. 

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