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The Stars That Fall

How could anyone find peace in something as tragic as death?

Powerful gods will do terrible things, and the saying seems to be true. A single drop of blood is all it takes. 

Head Reaper; Titan—all titles that belong to Yugi—and he hates them. He is forced to collect souls at the brink of death, and as a Titan, he’s viewed as a traitor by the celestials.

A disease known to kill past gods has returned, leaving a bloody massacre in its wake, and Yugi is forced to reap the souls. Then, the Asayli, the rulers of Xhian, ban the use of sẹda, the powers of all celestials.

Without power, Yugi and his kind will never evolve to become gods, and with the disease spreading, the situation is made worse. First gain power, then become a god. But gaining power always comes with a deadly risk.

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About the Stars That Fall

There are tons of books out there with the classic medieval setting, but what if I told you we can go beyond the borders of this universe and into an omniverse greater than our own! 

In a realm known as Xhian, long before our universe was created, celestials and mortals lived alongside each other and Ancient Gods walked among their creations. 

If you want to read more fantasy with in-depth world-building not rooted in Medieval culture or space opera, then this might be the book for you. 

Genre: Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Suspense, Thriller, Biblical Lore

Stats: Multi-POV, Gods and Angels, In-depth World-building, Diverse Cast

Age Range: New Adult/Adult

Spice Level: Mild

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I could barely put it down after I started … This is a story as old as time, but with the details filled in like never before. 

Anonymous Reviewer (5 Stars) - The Stars That Fall

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