The Bloodlust Power

How far would they go to become God…

When Levi is thrown into the Abyss after suffering from Bloodlust, the Divine Throne orders the other ehols to stop using their Sẹda, the unique power each ehol awakens with.

The sudden decision leaves them angry—it’s their only shot at obtaining a Divine Seat. The more one has, the closer he is to becoming God. But when Kireh begins to unravel secrets about Bry, the Throne’s ambassador, the ehols begin to distrust the government. They want to have a Seat, and they’ll do anything to get it, even if it means suffering the same fate Levi did.

But they question if it’s really worth the pain. That is until they begin to uncover more secrets, and the more they learn, the stronger their lust for power grows…

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