The Ruby Insignia

What would she risk to stop a war…

When the rumored return of an enemy threatens the realms of Ịtoba and Ariwa-Ịte, Bryël receives a visit from a mysterious female who needs his help extracting information about Luce. Bryël brushes off her request, but then he receives a letter from Ismael, his godson, and it prompts him to contact Kerria.

Kerria is a Shujaa with a past that is constantly haunting her, and Ismael, an interning couturier, is the estranged son of the Divine Giver. Both of them are now dragged into a political affair that has its roots in Ariwa-Ịte’s malicious past, and it only intensifies when the Titans attempt to overthrow the Divine Throne. 

But it’s not the Divine Government they’re worried about—it’s the mysterious Empress who shows up at the last minute. And the lethality of the Creator’s Sẹda should He ever threaten to unleash it…

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